4 simple steps to put screenshots on your web site

1. Sign-up for a subscription here (free or paid)

2. Configure your website host/domain for your subscription by

 1. Add your website host/domain as valid referer here

 2. Save the changes

3. Add this script tag just before the closing body tag on your page

 <script type="text/javascript" src="//www.pagelr.com/Scripts/pglr-autoimg.js"></script>

4. Add the screenshot images you want like this:

 <img style="width:400px;height:300px" pglr-uri="www.example.com/path/page.htm" />

The only required value you need to add is the pglr-uri="<your url here>" attribute, but we recommend that you also specify width and height.

With our pglr-autoimg.js script you quickly get up and running in a few minutes with very visual pages. Below we show some examples how easy it is to adapt the visuals to your needs.

More advanced options?

Our service enables many more advanced options via our RESTFul API, as you can see with our API Builder tool, or check out our API documentation.

Here are some examples:

Simple size 300 x 200

<img class="pglr" style="width:300px;height:200px" pglr-uri="www.followus.com" pglr-delay="3000" />
Webpage screenshot of www.followus.com generated by PageLr.com

With JPEG image format - full page

<img class="pglr" style="width:400px;" pglr-uri="crayon.co" pglr-format="jpg" />
Webpage screenshot of crayon.co generated by PageLr.com

Disable JavaScript on target page and retina display image resolution

<img class="pglr" style="width:500px;height:375px;" pglr-uri="www.wochit.com" pglr-javascript="false" pglr-retina />
Webpage screenshot of www.wochit.com generated by PageLr.com
By default screenshots are captured with javascript running on the target page, however by disable javascript the capture speed can be much faster. Note some pages require javascript to show their default content. If you add the retina attribute we use a factor of 2.0 by default, which means every viewport/layout 'pixel' is being represented by 4 pixels in the retina high DPI screenshot image. If you want a different factor, simply add the desired factor to the attribute value like pglr-retina="3.0" (max supported is 4.0)

Full-lenght webpage screenshot

For a full page length screenshot, simply leave out the height and the screenshot image generated is automically the entire height of the web page.

This examples also add a 9 seconds delay (9000 milliseconds) , to allow the javascript on the page to load more content.

<img class="pglr loading" style="width:400px;" pglr-uri="www.apple.com" pglr-delay="9000" />
Full-length webpage screenshot of www.apple.com generated by PageLr.com